Monday, January 24, 2011

"Flash What?"

Why, Flash Fiction of course! I never heard of flash fiction when I started writing, but hey, let's face the simple cold hard truth: There are books filled with stuff I didn't know about writing when I started (and there still are).

I've read in multiple places a writer should have some short stories and flash fiction publishing credits under their belt before they can expect to get a full novel picked up. There are so many examples of this not being the case I'm not even going to list more than one: Stephanie Meyer

'Nuff said.

While I do enjoy writing flash pieces, I can say it's not something I do regularly or with any real expertise. Wendy Howard challenged us last year to do a 50-word flash-fiction piece and I spent about 20-30 minutes trying to work through one. It was fun, got my creative juices flowing early in the day, and like most of my work the first year, focused on the main character I've been writing about for so long:

Lush and skillful, the enforcer kills with no remorse. Always drawn to death's sweet embrace, she delivers yet another into its suffocating hold. Her sword bites deep, a whisper of sound escapes, and silence prevails. She bends to drink. No undead who preys on children can hide from Vivian's wrath.

Clear, short, and meaningful. I felt a sense of accomplishment when I posted it and no one laughed. Now, let's pick it apart and have some fun!

What do we know of this person in so few words? 

It's a woman, who kills easily. She has a dark side within and she uses a sword... hmmm... we go on to see she drinks blood - Oh! We have a vamp ;-) Lastly... her purpose: to right the wrong of vampire pedophiles continuing in their heinous acts. 

I thought it was cool, but hey, I wrote it.

How about you? I challenge you to a 50 word flash fiction piece. You game? Leave it here in the comments, I promise there will be no laughing. Unless your name is Greg, then all bets are off. :-D


  1. Ha-ha.

    I don’t know when I become the object of your inflection. Me, Greg, the nice guy from Texas. Soft-boiled, short suffering writer. Bane of Jersey girls everywhere for reasons unknown. Thick-skinned, from the school of Hard Knocks. Suffering slings and arrows and never giving in return. Ah, such is life.

    (There's 50 words of obvious fiction)

  2. Loved it!! I only teased you because you've often done so to me in posts and it's always so damn funny.

  3. I am really gonna try this - as I have tried it in the past - but I have failed miserably (and am so jealous of those who can do this) -- they say the more you do it , the easier it gets and it helps to tighten your own longer works... so... give a few, and we will see how it goes... And Gregory - why I do I Keep thinking you are from Pittsburg?

  4. Great, George - can't wait to read it!

  5. A fog of dark foreboding washed over the man, his bloodshot eyes darted about the sterile room. This was it. There was no escape. The echo of heavy footsteps made their way and stopped in the doorframe. He clenched the torn leather armrest.

    “Good evening, Dave. Ready for our session?”

  6. Loved it!! I thought for a second it might be an execution. Good tension, George!

  7. It was based on my morning at the dentist office...

  8. Putting my two-cents in here late.

    I've learned to accept the fact that I am not one of those lucky authors like Meyers for whom exceptions are made. My first published piece is a short story (due in August) and I have a feeling it will be several more short stories before I get to squeeze a novel in there.

    That said, I actually don't write much Flash Fiction. I don't see the point in writing a "story" under 100 words or whatever.

    What I do enjoy, once in a while, is writing poetry in some ridiculous form of verse. It forces me to think about word choice, rhythm, and imagery.