Monday, May 23, 2011

A Wrinkle in Time

This week's topic is "If you could live at any time, when would it be and why?"

I've been asked this question many, many times before, usually as an ice-breaker on the first day of class back in college, high school, grade school, etc. and it always makes me cringe.

As an urban fantasy author, I'm sure you can imagine how comfortable I am in my own generation. Come on now, I've watched music go from cassette tape to CD to MP3 to vintage vinyl records becoming cool again. *Rolls eyes*

And honestly, how many of us would still choose writing as a career if we had to do all the writing and editing by hand or with a typewriter? Oh no, I'm too attached to my computer and cell phone. Heck, I've even fallen for the e-readers, which a few years ago I never thought I would have caved, but damn I love my Kindle!

It's not that I don't like history - in fact I find it fascinating, especially ancient history and mythology and the ideology of those times. I often use the past as a springboard for my writing - "What if the Egyptian gods were really vampires?" - "What if Hitler was really possessed by a demon?" - "What if the country Lithuania was named after Lilith because she lived there once? Or found her final resting place there?" See? History is tons of fun for writers.

But what makes me cringe when someone asks "if I could live in an other time, when would it be..." is that history has never been kind to it's female population. See, my brain automatically thinks "Oh, JD, they'd call you a witch and burn you the stake, dearest..."

Not sure why my mind always goes there, but it does.

Anyway, I'll be a good sport and pretend this was a life-or-death question. In which case, I would choose to live in the Victorian Era and hope to be fortunate enough to marry a rich man.

Why the Victorian Era? Simply because I'm a girl and I love the fashion of the time period. The lace, the hats, the shoes that look like little boots. The way a gentleman was expected to court and chaperon a lady for some time before asking her father for permission to marry her -  I often think it would be nice to still have those ideals.  OH, and the underwear! Gotta love the corset!  Even the lace gloves and carrying around a parasol while eating tiny cakes...

But at the end of the day, I think I'll stay right here in 2011, looking forward to flying cars, teleporters, and the end of the calendar, while snuggling up with my e-reader. :)


  1. I completely concurr. It would have to be victorian times, but frankly I would choose to stay right here. I have no wish to bathe less than every day, have leeches used as medical treatments or use a chamber pot. Not to mention that I always worry about the whole "burned at the stake" thing as well. (I'm pretty sure its that is the reason I'm terrified of fire).

    Great post!

  2. As much as I might think of earlier times as being more romantic, J.D., I think I'll have to stick with modern times.

    Why? One word -- hygiene.

    I watched "Gone with the Wind" last month and seeing all those men and women dressing in layers even though it had to be 100 in the shade. No deodorant. Pig lard masquerading as soap (if you could afford it). No mouth wash. No foot spray or powder.

    Yeah. Sounds like a perfect romantic date.

    Keep in mind, that it was way worse in Europe. Then again, you might find it comfortable, J.D. At least, you'd have a chamber pot to pee in.

    P.S.: Sorry, couldn't resist.

  3. Stacey - Thanks for the comment!

    Gregory - That's why I said "If it were a life or death question". I too would rather stay in modern times. And also said I'd hope to be lucky enough to marry a rich man for a reason - life sucked back then but if you had a rich hubby, you could bathe a little more often. LOL. Thanks for commenting.