Friday, May 13, 2011

What You Read May Not Be What You Write

The old adage was: you are what you eat. It was what immediately jumped to mind upon reading what this week's topic was. I was pleased when I read this week's topic because I really do not fit so nicely into any boxes. I suppose it is true for many of us that we are multifaceted and not easily pinned down, but it is especially true for me.

You see, I am supposedly one of two horror writers on these hallowed pages. In the sweeping generalization which springs to mind, you might picture some of the following: a man dressed in black, a person who rarely smiles or laughs, one who listens to haunting or heavy metal music, one who watches every horror film that he can snatch up, perhaps one who likes old and scary-looking churches, but never attends one, etc. Now, I certainly mean no disrespect to anyone. I'm not saying that horror readers or writers are not sweet and gentle people, but there's a picture that often jumps into people's heads when they consider that someone writes horror.

Although I do listen to heavy metal music, it ranges more from 80’s hair rock to Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. However, I also listen to easy listening, although I will not spell out here just who that might be. ;) I love romantic comedies and like to sit and watch the neighborhood finches in my back yard that we’re feeding. I also love to laugh and make others laugh as well.

No so terrifying, am I?

My bookshelves are lined with Stephen King, Clive Barker and Michael Slade, but Pat Conroy is near and dear to my heart. Beach Music is my all-time favorite. Not only this, but some of the books that I have found the time to read in the past year have been nothing like horror at all: Anne Kleinberg’s Menopause in Manhattan (women of a certain age), Michelle Stinson Ross’s Revenge of the Siren Song (pirates) and Talli Roland’s The Hating Game (romance/drama). I read these because they were pals of mine and I loved all three.

I do have a second book in my vampire series coming out this year as well as third which I will begin writing at some point, but I also have other horror in me. I would love to do the definitive haunted house story as well as some other real dark stuff. Yet, I want to write a tear-jerker drama piece about heaven and a romance about a married couple.

Once again, I mean no disrespect to anyone, but just like most of you, I cannot be pinned down and placed in any neat little boxes. How boring would that be?

What do you say about this subject, my Wicked Reader and Writer friends? I’d love to hear it.

The above photo shows the author attempting to look menacing and cool. The last one shows me as I am.

(Editor's Note:) Whatever happened with Blogger this week caused this post which I had completed Wednesday night to be deleted. I attempted to post from my iPhone while at work, only to find that I had to rewrite the entire thing. I apologize for the delay...


  1. Teach you not to write your blogs on Word and then copy and paste!! Oh what am I saying? I copy and paste and then delete the file. Guess I should be glad I didn't blog this week.

    I love reading horror. Never attempted to write it, though. But then, I've only been writing for two years. I'll stick with paranormal romance, though. Hey - maybe a horror romance (or would that be a romantice horror)? Think it would sell?

    Anyway - Happy Friday the 13th!

  2. Hi, Stacy. Lesson learned, I suppose. Actually I usually write the whole thing out on Word, as you advised, and then transfer. This time, I wrote the thing out in two sittings and then pieced the parts together...only to lose half of what I had done. Oh, well.
    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a nice Friday the 13th as well. :)


  3. James, it's looks like no one on the B team likes being stuffed into a box. :) Funny thing, your description of a stereotypical horror writer sounds like ME lol. But I write Urban Fantasy. So, once again, proof that stereotypes can be misleading. Love your pictures!


  4. Thanks for the note, J.D. Until I told them, none of the people I know ever would have thought that I could write horror. Wait until my horror readers see what else I have under my sleeve...
    The first photo was taken over a year ago when I had a bunch of author photos taken. An orchard had been removed across the street from my house, so we thought it might lend itself visually. The second photo was this past Christmas at my parent's house. My youngest son Rian is in the background.

  5. I dig the two sides of Jimmy - the cool and serious dude with the beard, and the smiling happy one with the goatee who drinks white zin. If we were all cookie-cut writers then our stories would be boring as hell.

    Most people I know raise an eyebrow when I say I write erotica... but none of them are truly shocked (gee, I wonder what that says about me?... moving on...)

    I'm also attempting to do middle grade fiction for my children as well. It will have some dark elements to it, but I have to be careful to always keep it on their level... And yes, most people are quite shocked when I say this - like I can only write smut or something ;-)

    Should prove interesting to see if I'm up to the challenge!