Monday, May 9, 2011

Reading, Writing, and Publishing Announcement

Did everyone have a good mother's day? I hope so. I'm not a momma, but I did receive some very good news Sunday morning.... My urban fantasy novel, Dark Heirloom, is officially under contract with Muse It Up Publishing Inc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does a little victory dance*

I'm so ecstatic! For those of you who don't know, Dark Heirloom is like THE novel, the one I've been trying to get published for the past year or so. And it's finally happening! YAY!  :-)

Okay, now that it's out of system (not really), I'll lead into today's topic. What do I read vs. what I write? Truth is, I read what I write and I write what I read.

My two top favorite genres are Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, which are exactly the genres I write. Dark Fantasy comes in a close third on my reading list just because the basic elements are similar, but I have no plans to write Dark Fantasy so far. As some of you know, I also write Erotic Romance, which I have just recently become a fan of. I know I enjoy writing Erotic Romance much more than reading it. Erotica is such a selective genre. We all have a different comfort level when it comes to sex so there really is no concrete line between erotic and pornographic which is why I have trouble finding erotic romance that I enjoy reading other than my own stories.

I'll occasionally read Steampunk - though I'm more a fan of Victorian women's fashion than anything - Sci-Fi, Horror, and Gothic. I also like a lot of the new fairy tale spin-offs.

The thing that sometimes baffles me most is that over half the books I read and own are Young Adult. I do have plans to write YA novels in the future, but I admit I'm shocked I didn't start with YA right off the bat. Instead, I started with heroines that are my age - in their 20's. Understandable, I think. It's just easier to write about people your age.

What about you? Writers, is there a genre you love to read, but don't particularly care to write? Or a genre you write, but don't like to read?


  1. Great post Jen! And I'm so happy for you on your publishing news! I knew you'd make it! I can't wait to see the final result of your hard work. :)

  2. As promised, the first glass of wine of the night is raised and dedicated to you, my friend. Congratulations! In fact, the second glass is yours, too. The buzz is mine, however.
    Seriously, well done! Are your feet touching the ground yet or still hovering over it?


  3. Ana - Thanks, babes!

    Jimmy - Are YOUR feet touching the ground yet? What with all the wine. ;) Thank you so much for the toast. It still feels so unbelievable, I don't think it's fully sunk in yet. My family thinks I'll be an over night success - Haha! They have NO clue what the writing industry is like - and because I do, I think that keeps me grounded. Life continues as normal, but yes, my spirit is flying right now. This is definitely my biggest accomplishment and I'm very proud of myself for seeing it through to publication and not giving up. :)

  4. Congrats to you with Dark Heirloom! Very exciting times ahead!

    Wishing you many sales and a speedy rise to the top!