Friday, May 20, 2011

My First Acceptance Letter!

Okay, I can recall the first acceptance letter which was actually an email.
It was concerning a story I had written for inclusion in a sci-fi anthology.
I remember hesitating before opening it up. Steeling myself up for the BIG, FAT LET-DOWN I did finally open it.

The gist was something like: your story seems suitable for inclusion...

okay?! I read it as:

Dear Soon-To-Be Famous Writer,

Thank you! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We are thrilled, delighted and ecstatic to publish your absolutely brilliant, evocative, cutting-edge science fiction story you submitted to us.

Never in the history of publishing have we received such a well-written, highly original brilliant little story.

If it is alright with you we are going to contact the leading graphic designers to illustrate your gem. Naturally we will be submitting their work to you first. Of course we will.

One more thing, the publisher, has instructed me to offer you a six figure advance for any novel you decide to submit to us. Having seen your story, we can safely assume your novel will be absolutely brilliant.

The other 10 stories in the anthology are like baby poo poo next to yours! Words fail, truly.

Just accept our sincere thanks for deeming us worthy of publishing your story.
Again, many thanks...
I felt as if they wrote that. I felt as if I could conquor the world with my fiction!

Remember that scene where Boris the computer hacker cries out in Golden Eye:

I felt I was!

You know what? I'm glad because i have the rest of my writing life to come back down to earth, because writing's damned difficult so a little day dreaming and happy fantasy can't be a bad thing!

Life's tough, getting published isn't easy. So when the first affirmative letter comes through, GO A LITTLE NUTS! ENJOY YOURSELF!


  1. What a great humorous way to share what all us writers dream of.
    I remember when the first human interest story I submitted to a local newspaper editor was accepted for publication I was convinced, and still am, I was on my way to a Pulitzer!

  2. Heck! that's great! yeah boy. sure. it's tough in them thar publishign hills, loads of slopes and ditches.

    and when some professional body (newspaper for you) actually accepted t.k.'s human interest story, sure you were encouraged and well you should be!

    Thanks for that!
    and who knows, the Pulitzer might be there for you!

  3. Amen to that! I'm still on cloud 9 with my two recent acceptance letters! I KNOW I'm on my way to great things now and the work is paying off! :)

  4. Great post, Carole. Love your enthusiasm.

  5. I wish I could dance as well as that cat. Damn!

    Great post, Carole! My little take on acceptance letters is: it's good if they say yes, but if it's no, so be it. Writing is too subjective to be viewed in the right light by everyone. If I was to write to make everyone happy, I wouldn't be happy. So why write? Hmnn!

    That being said, I was extremely happy when Gaynor asked if she could publish " '68 Buick." She is a special lady and I was honored and still am. Even with all the options we have as writers now, having someone say they want your story is very satisfying. Very!

    Maybe I could try dancing with that cat.

  6. Wow guys!
    J.D., C.J. and Blaze--!

    thanks so much. Yup nothing like it!
    what one little 'yes' can do! Yee hah!