Friday, May 6, 2011

IF I Could Be One Of My Characters...!

Wow! This is a toughie. I write about supernatural creatures mainly! Oh yeah and insane and evil human ones too!

However, in the spirit of this extremely thought provoking topic I shall endeavor to discuss it!

I'm going to shock everyone by selecting the one character in my novel, The House on Blackstone Moor who is an evil supernatural being--Eco.

Why you may ask would I want to be him?
Well, I think because (in the spirit that this is asked) I would like to live forever, I could if I chose not do any evil.


Okay! I give up! I won't change him one iota.

I love Eco, I adore this evil, thoroughly deranged demon spawn because he is mad as a hatter, he is also campy and outrageous!

Put Caligula and Oscar Wilde together with a sprinkling of Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland and you get Eco's essence.

Campy is fun to write! Here's an example! In the scene where Eco appears first he is met by a gypsy housekeeper. He has arrived with his monsterous vampiric 'children' (winged little beasts that he calls his children). The gypsy is horrified and is cowering while Eco, in the best tradition of high camp, is grinning at her!

He then says to two characters who enter the room:

"I don't think she likes me!"

I ask you, how could I not want to be this character?
I'll tell you something he has become so popular he is featured in the sequel, Unholy Testament that I am writing now!

I have a great time as I recount in his own words, his experiences with such characters as diverse as Caligula, Richard the Lionheart, Gille de Rais, Vlad and Elizabeth Bathory to name a few.

It is his story I am telling in a journal, a confession really.
So yes, my choice would be the great character, Eco!

His charm is his mad, unpredictability and that's even to me and I'm writing him!



  1. Eco is tres cool! I actually know how you feel. Whenever I write a story, I AM one of my people. So, of course, I wish to be that person or entity. Alas, we must conform to societal norms, however. What fun is that, I ask?

  2. Yes Blaze thanks for that.
    Fiction gives the reader (and the writer) room to dream. We escape into books and stories and that's a good thing.
    What more fun is there than to dream?!
    And horror/sci fi/ fantasty and erotica really permit all sorts of desires and secret dreams to be played out/read/written!

  3. Hi, Miss Carole. Thanks for posting. I recall really liking that character because of things that he said, just like in your example. I don't know about wanting to be him, however. ;)

    Hope you are having a great weekend. Talk to you later.