Friday, May 27, 2011

A Question, an Answer and a Goodbye.

The Topic: If You Could Live At Any Time, Where Would It Be And Why?

You know, the first time that I read this week’s topic, I cringed. I tried to picture myself wielding a sword in the time of King Arthur; imagine what it might be like to drive a flying car; shuffle along behind the disciples during the time of Christ; lean against a dark corner in White Chapel and see whether I might be able to catch a glimpse of Jack skulking about as he preyed on unsuspecting prostitutes; or perhaps just being a grown man during the late sixties and early seventies so that I might be able to see Morrison before he died or stand beneath the shadow of the mighty Zeppelin before John Bonham's death grounded them.

I realize that this topic was meant to be a discussion of fantasy; putting ourselves in the pages of some book we had read or movie we had seen; however, my thoughts immediately focused on the now. What an amazing time to be alive?

From immediately being able to download songs on iTunes or brand new books to my Kindle; to having my iPhone automatically check for e-mails on any of my three accounts; to having the score of the Chicago Cubs games instantly make itself known to me via iPhone; we are living in incredible times. We keep in touch via Facebook and even if we do not speak frequently with one another, just seeing faces and catching updates makes us feel as if we are. We have incredible 3D films, and the ability to watch a film instantly from any one of several devices around the house.

I’m not sure that I get published during any time other than this one. Due to the internet, I was able to find Vamplit Publishing and have the company fall in love with a story and set of characters that I wrote. They’re publishing the second book as well sometime this year.

Once again, I could have listed a few times and places that would have been fantastic to think about living in, but nothing seems quite as amazing as this one. Sure we have our problems. As a world, we still argue and bicker over silly things. We spend more than we earn and we cause a lot of damage to things that we come in contact with. There’s a lot of news on the internet or in the newspaper that I try to avoid because it makes me sad. Yet, all in all, I don’t think that I would have it any other way but to be alive during this time and place.

For those of you who would rather live in another time, even for just a little while, as if in a daydream: do that. If it's good, perhaps I'll join you.

My friends, it now comes time to tell you all that this was my last post for Wicked Writers. I work eleven hours on my day job and am up at 3:00 am every day of the week. On top of that, I am focusing my attention to getting my name out there as an author. I will have the edits on book two very soon to complete and I need to begin working on book three. I also write articles for an on-line magazine in my neck of the woods and there simply isn’t time for everything.

I wish you all well. I hope that most of you know where to find me, whether Facebook, Twitter or my personal blog. I will be checking in here from time to time to see how everyone is doing. I miss my Wicked Writer buddies already just thinking about it.

And all of you as well…


  1. I miss you already!!! :-( Good luck. Call me when you're big and successful, we'll do lunch!



  2. Thanks so much, J.D. I'm looking forward to that lunch!
    Have a great weekend, my friend.


  3. I knew the day was coming but I'm still sad to see you go. I know Blogger has been acting up lately for lots of folks, so if you don't hear from people directly on this post don't take it personally.

    You're a good man and I'm glad we met. Just hearing about how you never gave up your dream is enough to inspire any writer! I wish you much success in the very near future and lots of happy times with your boys before they're off to college.


  4. Thank you, C.J.
    Thank you for taking a chance on an unknown and offering him a guest post.
    Thank you for inviting me to be a regular member here over a year ago.
    And thanks so much for being a friend for what I hope will end up being forever...

    Your buddy,


    P.S.: I believe the fix for the blogger problem is unchecking the keep me signed in box when logging in. It seems to take care of it.

  5. Jimmy, as always you make me think--another thoughtful and meaningful post.

    I hate that you're going but I understand of course I do. You are an amazing writer and a great friend, just had to say that!

    About living in another time, off-hand I would say Yes! But then deciding which time to have lived I kind of hesitate.

    Perhaps though I'd have liked to have been a neighbor to the Brontes maybe and go walkies with them on the moors, discuss plots with Emily and Charlotte! Sure, why not dream big?!!

    I do heartily agree that I would not in all likelihood be writing without the net and word processing! OMG! it's like the worst nightmare!
    Take care my friend--wishing you all good things and continued success!

  6. Carole, you and the other Wicked Writers always know where to find me. With the events I have just attended, as well as a book club that I did Thursday night, my confidence in my writing is at an all-time high. What I mean by that is the reception that I'm receiving is astounding. For whatever reason (trying to stay humble) the readers love what I have done. Therefore, I'm not quitting anytime soon!! I just need to refocus on what I can do in the little time that I have each day/week/month.
    Talk to you soon.


  7. YAY! I can leave comments again! Blogger has been fighting me all week!

    I will miss your posts Jimmy! I know I don't comment much but I do read everything that gets posted here.

    I know you'll have great success in the future so I won't wish it for you. Call me anytime and yes, I'm with Jen. When you're big a famous let's do lunch! OR maybe we'll go DANCING! lol

  8. You know, Jimmy. This time might be a terrific one to live in, but, to paraphrase Starship: "No time is a good time" to say goodbye.

    It's been great reading your blogs and following you online. I can totally sympathize with your schedule problems. I have a bad habit of thinking everyone should be on my topsy-turvy, unplanned schedule. But, with one book published, a second one soon to be published and a third in the works, we should all be so lucky.

    Take care of yourself and try to keep up with the online writing.

  9. ROFLMAO!!
    You always know how to get my attention now, don't you?? The only way you're getting me to dance is if I can have drinks with lunch!! You ladies can stick with water if you must! Lol!
    Thanks so much for your note, Anastasia. I will miss the group atmosphere. Thankfully we all know where to find one another, right? RIGHT?
    Take care, my friend. Talk to you soon...

  10. Hi, Greg. Thanks for the note. I love the Starship reference. I just might have to flip over to my iTunes library and play some of that.
    Just know that I am only saying goodbye to the group...and certainly not to you or the others. With you, I have come to think of us as brothers in arms, as it were. I don't want to say goodbye to that. Take care, my friend. I'll always be with reach on the 'net, okay?