Friday, December 24, 2010

Winter Time

Greetings and salutations, Wicked Readers and Writers alike. What do you think of our new digs? Remember to be kind. It is the charitable time of year, you know?

Our prompt this week is simply: Winter Time. When Anastasia and I spoke about this subject a week ago or so, we seemed to be inclined to allow the prompt to be a all-encompassing one, rather than to simply go for the Christmas theme. I think that was good. If you might find yourself tired of the hustle and bustle that is the holiday season, perhaps you'd like to think of something else just now. If so, then you've found the right place.

Here in the Central Valley of California, just south of Fresno, we get mild winters. Snow is just an hour or so away, but at our altitude it is pretty much non-existent. We don't get powerful wind storms, nor a ton of hail. In the valley we get earthquakes, although we don't get them often. We hear about them more often than we actually feel them. What we do get, however, is heat.

Obviously we don't get heat now, but when it does arrive during the summer, it isn't a lot of fun. Many of you might be asking what kind of heat it is that we receive? Is it the kind of hot that is so full of humidity that once you depart from the shower, you feel the instant need to climb right back in? No, thankfully. However, it is severe. It gets to be in the mid 100's, climbing as high as 110 on occasion. We have air conditioning in our homes and cars, but when it gets that bad, you don't want to do anything.

So why am I bringing up such a subject? Well, I'll tell you. As the rain comes down heavily in my part of the world this week, and much of last week as well, I shall not complain. Now that everything pretty outside my windows has lost its colorful leaves or flowers and looks like a twisted mangled mess that might be more fitting adorning a castle, I shall continue to hold my tongue. When these rains depart, leaving behind thick fog, making car travel extremely difficult, I will only frown. The sky may be overcast, the ground may be wet and trampled, the once-beautiful yards and gardens of my neighbors' homes may be nothing to behold, but summer is coming. And bringing with it a stifling, debilitating heat which makes life no fun unless you own a pool and can afford to live in it.

Or better yet, leave for the coast.

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate the season. Happy Holidays to those that celebrate one of the other dates of note. Happy New Year to every one of us. May the new year bring continued health or a renewal of it. Much success to all who endeavour to write. May there be many more things to celebrate in the coming year, be it weddings, births, new jobs or published novels and short stories. I have had a lot of fun penning these posts for Wicked Writers, as well as the other blogs and Kings River Life Magazine articles that I have found myself working on this past year of discovery. This year of the realization of dreams.

May 2011 be a realization of dreams for all of us.


  1. Wow - for some asinine reason, I didn't realize you lived in CA -- gosh, you must be feeling a bit like Noah's Ark just about now...

    I know what you mean about the heat/humidity thing. I lived 10 years in NC - 5 of them at Fort Bragg, 5 in Charlotte. Beautiful country - being an hour away from either the mountains or the ocean. Wonderful r-o-l-l-i-n-g southern thunderstorms...

    But the heat factor? It sucked. The humidity was gawd-awful, (twice as bad after a rainstorm) and I am one who HATES to sweat. Give me dry heat any day.

    Oh, and the picture of the fried egg on the sidewalk? My son and I actually tried that. You want an egg over easy - the side walk. You want a true fried egg with bacon? Do it on the hood of your car.

    We made pancakes that way too (better on the hood of the car) and attempted a grilled cheese sandwich. It didn't do as well.

    Ahhh, yes. The benefits of homeschooling...

    Happy new year to you, my friend.

    PS - What is the Kings River Life Mag?

  2. Hey, George. Yeah, I live in Cali; Fresno area. Thankfully we didn't get any of the flooding that other folks were getting. It just caused the fake snow inside my outdoor snowglobe to get wet. Compared with houses being swept down the street/river, and compared with water getting in one's home, it is nothing.
    I can't believe you guys actually tried cooking all of that "outside" of the kitchen. Lol!
    Kings River Life Magazine is a local on-line mag that I work for. It's just PR for my writing, but I get to write about my town, so it's cool. I'm leaving you with a link if you want to check it out.

  3. Nice post, James. Like George, I didn't realize that you lived in sunny California. Now I feel bad about listening to Albert Hammond ("It Never Rains In Southern California") and Tony! Toni! Ton'e! (It Never Rains [in Southern California]").

    But, thanks for reminding us about how bad it could be. At least in the winter, you can layer up. But, in the summer, once you're down to the skivvies, well, you can't go lower than that and not land in jail

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a bright and cheerful New Years to everyone.

  4. Thanks, Greg. Happy Holidays to you, too.

  5. Great post, Jimmy. I wasn't online much the past few days, but I'm glad I took the time to go back and read your post. Wishing you a great New Year's and I hope you and your family had a terrific Christmas!

  6. Thank you, my friend. Happy New Year!