Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Randomness about Random Things

We still have open topics going on here and I'm not sure what to blog about today, so I'm just going to wing it!

I normally hop around from working on one book to another. This year, I set out to focus on only one book in order to get it ready for publication. My original goal was to have it edited and start submitting by my birthday in May.

That didn't happen.

I set a new goal to have it ready by the 4th of July.

That didn't happen either.

Edit. Edit. Edit. I decided to give myself some more time and set a goal for September 1.

Once again, didn't happen.

However, in October during MuseCon, I pitched the novel to an agent and a publisher. Both made request for partials. I was extactic! First time ever in my life pitching anything and had TWO requests. Now, I new that it wasn't an acceptance but still, I was highly pleased to say the least.

That spurred me to finish the 'final' edits and I thought I had them done by the end of October. But, when I got the first rejection, I knew more work had to be done. Good for me, it was not a form rejection and I recieved feedback and suggetions for improvement.

So, I set out to make these changes while writing the sequal for NaNoWriMo in November. I realized half way through that the beginning of book 2 (about 6 chapters worth) really could be at the end of book 1. It would make for a stronger ending.

SO - now my book is practically back where it was at the beginning of this year. Since focusing on one novel didn't yield the results I wanted (and frankly drove me to near insanity), I decided to return to my normal habit of hopping from one WIP to another whenever it suits me.

I pulled out the notebook for my other series, blew the dust off of it, and got to work. Suddenly, the words flowed easily! The edits didn't make me cross eyed and I no longer felt like pulling all my hair out! I wish I would have decided to return to my old ways sooner, but I was determined.

I gave the new way a fair shot and plenty of time to see if it would really work for me or not. So I don't feel like I completely failed this year. I learned more about myself and my writing style. I know what really works for me know. Instead of my style being something I just did for the sake of it, I now know that it really is the best way for me to do things.

I'll set a new goal for next year based on my style and see what happens. I will say I feel much better than I have in months!

What about you? Have you tried a new method or style or technique that just isn't working? Have you tried something new that did work?

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  1. I must admit I keep thinking about a third novel while writing my second. But I havn't attempted fliting between manuscripts. Aren't we males only supposed to be capable of doing one thing at a time? I take my hat off to you :)