Monday, December 6, 2010

Keeping Up

Hey guys,

First, I apologize for disappearing all November. Even though I dropped out of NaNoWriMo mid-month, I was still a very busy lady. What have I been doing, you ask? Well ... I've been writing ... and submitting what I write ... and writing some more. I wrote a short story and submitted it to a publisher. Now I'm starting a whole new novel WIP. Not just a sequel to the first one I wrote, but an actual brand, spanking-new story.

Now that it's December, I wish I could say things are slowing down, but actually, this show boat is just getting into full swing. On December 14th, I'm going out of town. I'll be in Mexico visiting extended family for two weeks. My grandparents' 50th anniversary is on the 17th and the entire family's attending (my family's huge, I have like 30-something cousins).

I'm exited and soooo looking forward to the vacation. The only slight problem is I'm not sure if I'll have internet while I'm down there, so I might be absent for most of December. But, when I get back, I promise to share pictures and tell you guys all about it.

I'm going to try and write one more post and schedule it for the 20th ... but there's a chance I'll forget to do that while trying to remember what I need to pack! So, in case I don't see you guys until January, have a happy holidays Wicked peeps! Stay warm!

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  1. Hi JD, nice to hear from you. Though I must admit I have not been too active myself. At least you have got some writing done! Well done you! I feel as though I have hardly done a thing since my soujourn in Greece and the (research!) trip to Triploi. Its time I followed the examples you guys set! :)