Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miss Literary and I Discuss Genre!

GENRE IS NOT THE POOR RELATION OF LITERARY fiction despite what Miss Literary thinks!

Horror can be literary! My publisher says my novel, The House on Blackstone Moor is LITERARY horror/paranormal romance!

OMG! Miss Literary just fainted. Let me see if she's alright!

ME: Are you alright Miss Literary?

MISS LITERARY: May I please have some water?

ME: Sure! Here you go!

MISS LITERARY: Thank you. Oh it's you, that literary horror person!

ME: No, just plain horror will do. I'm proud to write horror.

MISS LITERARY: My word! You mean you actually write genre horror?

ME: Of course! And I'm widely published too. Just sold a couple of extreme zombie stories!

MISS LITERARY: I think I'm going to be sick!

ME: Look Miss L, there's nothing wrong with writing within a certain genre or reading within one. A well-written novel is a well-written novel. A strong plot with engaging characters is nothing to be sneezed at.

MISS LITERARY: That was a cliche!

ME: Okay, sorry. But come on! Get real. Don't be such a snob. Don't narrow the field! That's silly. By the way if you want something really classy to read, something very selective and posh, I'll get you a copy of Burke's Peerage, which is the definitive guide to the genealogical history of the royal families of Europe, the aristocratic and historical families of the British Isles, and the presidential families of the United States!

MISS LITERARY: Oh jolly good! But tell me, if I get bored might I read some zombie stories or something?

ME: Of course, anything you like! Just loosen up Miss L and remember: A GOOD BOOK IS A GOOD BOOK, WHATEVER IT'S GENRE! 

One more thing: Never judge a book by it's cover or whether or not it falls into a particular GENRE!

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