Thursday, July 14, 2011

Career Be Thy Destiny!

Those of us who write consider writing our career I think whether or not it supports us full-time.
I have to think of it in this way simply because I'm not interested in thinkng of myself in any other way.

I think, therefore I write. Boy! Is that true!

Writing has always been there. It was there when I was making up plays for my friends and yes, I can recall at age 7 or 8 acting out the 'plays' I wrote.

I don't recall any other 'performers' I only remember my little friends, sincere loyal little guys applauding and enjoying whatever nonsense I had written. Ah those were the days.

If any writer was asked to name their career I think theyd get 'writing' in there somewhere.
You might say I'm a legal secretary but I write or I'm a medical records librarian but I write.

Years ago when I was in acting school one never said they were a waitress or usher 'and they were studying acting.' No! They said they were actors and if pressed they'd mention they were working 'as such and such.'

I happent to fully agree with that way of thinking, whether we earn enough from writing to be self- supporthing or not, WE ARE WRITERS, OUR CHOSEN CAREER IS WRITING.
It's just the way it is, we were born that way, we can't do anything about it, we wouldn't want to do anything about it either!

The Oxford Dictionary defines 'career' as:
(the)  "course or progress through life (or a distinct portion of life)". It is usually considered to pertain to remunerative work,,,"

See that?! It is USUALLY considered to pertain to remunerative work. USUALLY not ALWAYS! So hey! If you consider your writing your career and the moolah isn't rolling in yet, IT'S OKAY!

It's okay to say you're a writer! And that's good because if you are writing, YOU'RE A WRITER!
And if you are a writer, THAT IS YOUR CAREER!

End of story?!

Well there are zillions of stories in the Naked City and in your head! And you're going to develop them and get them published and thrill the world because you're a writer!

THE END (for now)!


  1. Yes, Carole, there are many stories in the Naked City. That was a great TV show. I remember watching it. Am I old, or what?

    Quite simply, if you write, you are a writer. The amount of remuneration matters little. Many people in other professions need second jobs, so should writing be looked at as being set apart from anything else? I think not.

    Great post!


  2. so true and thanks.
    Yes, that's it. we get caught up in the moolah aspect, but we shouldn't be.
    if it comes, it comes. whatever amount it is, it is.
    there are some (i know a few) who are strictly in it for money, not me. It's nice to get something but in the end, it's the stories that count, it's the joy of the creation really.
    thanks so much, Blaze.

  3. Ah, now if I could only make money at my "writing career"!!

  4. We should all stand up like in AA meetings. "Hi, my name's J.D. and I'm a writer..."

    Actually Carol, I just started saying I'm a writer when people ask me what I do. They go "oh" and then I explain that I'm about to be published and then they treat me like a celebrity and ask for my autograph. It's very odd because I don't think I'm anyone special and I'm not used to being in the spotlight LOL.

  5. Writer first, I like that. A friend sent me a T-shirt similar to the title of your post. :)

  6. hi there!
    Nancy, it's tough. I'm published in about 18 anthologies, sci fi and horror, the pay is not huge by any means. It probably takes years to get established.
    Sure we'd all love to write for a living and make a living at it. so know what you mean, but hang it! it'll come just write!

    JD, i know, I love to say ('Ahem, I am published!' what it means is not what most people think though!
    so enjoy it! you've achieved something! yippee!

    and m pax, yup!
    i'd love that t-shirt! what a great idea!
    thanks ladies!