Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Vote for Versus

This week we are talking about traditional publishing versus self publishing. As a yet-to-published-in-anyway author, I don't know what I can say on this topic. And so, I vote for Versus. Seems like a good way to go! After all Versus handles many things all at once! Can't go wrong with that. Mutlitasking! Balance! Oh yes, important things all thanks to Versus.

*ahem* What was I talking about? Oh yes...

Traditional publishing has it's good points. You have the backing of professional agents, editors, and a publishing company to help you as you market your book. They handle the formatting of your book to get it in e-book form or in print, they get your books up on the web where people can buy them and on the shelves.

Self publishing has good points also. You keep all the royalties from your sales. You have the added benefit that no one else owns any rights at all to your book or characters. You don't have to wait for an agent or publisher or editor to tell you yes or no to a query, then wait some more for them to get back to you.

Beyond that knowledge, I don't know what else to say. I don't have experience in either type of publishing and so I can't lend much insite into them. I do know that personally in the end, I want to have my book in print. Period. Right now, it's up in the air for me as I wait to hear back from a few publishers and agents but I'm seriously considering self-publishing also, only because I'm tired on waiting! It seriously drives me crazy.

The only thing that really stops me on the self-publishing thing is that I know even less about it than I do traditional publishing. Mainly, formatting my manuscript to get it into ebook and print form. I'm sure the information is out there if I just look for it, but I look at the time it would take to learn all of that. I just don't have it.

So I'm stuck -- I drive my self crazy waiting for an agent or publisher or try to weasle in the time to self publish. Either way, I feel like I'm losing something in the process! (My sanity in both cases...)

I wish I could have my last post be a bit more informative, but alas, that is just not the case. I'm sorry for that.

And yes, this is my last post on Wicked Writers. I'm sad to go, but my family comes first. I cherish the time I've spent here and I've learned so much from all the other authors that write for this wonderful blog. I've made lasting friendships with all of them!

I hope to see you all around the internet! Look me up at my website (http://avpergakis.com) or my blog (http://labotomyofawriter.com) if you want to stay in touch.

Thank you to Greg for giving me the initial invite and to CJ for letting me join in the fun here. I wish every much success in their careers. I love you all and I'll see you around.


  1. Although I've self-published a nonfiction title (under my real name as author), my debut novel will be released in August 2011 -- by me! Yes, traditional publishers offer support, and that may come in handy someday - just not yet.

  2. I agree, Luke. The traditional publishers might be like an aspiring actor finally making a movie with Spielberg or Scorcese.

    Good luck with your future endeavors, Anna. It has been great having you on the team.

  3. I ditto Greg, Anastasia! Wishing you the best with all future endeavors! Learning to format is not as hard as you think, trust me. I mean hell, Greg can do it ;-)

  4. I will try the traditional route first.

  5. Ana, I'll miss you! But I'll see you on Skype later. ;)

    Thank you, honey, for being the one to introduce ME to Wicked Writers! *Hugs*