Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Romance Under Orders

This week is a fun topic! I get to share a scene from my MS - my fav scene! It was really hard to choose which one too as I love them all really for their own reasons. But, I decided to go with a funny and cute scene from the middle of Cleanse Fire: The Kinir Elite Chronicles. You can read Chapter 1 on my website here if you like.


Derac scanned the room again and found Tyn and Rakan next to the buffet, deep in conversation with the members of the faery elite team. Where is Kie? He knew she hated wearing a gown, but she still was required to make an appearance. An invitation from the General was not to be ignored.

He ground his teeth and clenched his fist but relaxed when he spotted her at the edge of his vision. She stood in the corner, alone. His jaw dropped. The tight fitting bodice showed off her ample breasts, then flowed down to her toes accenting the shapeliness of her hips. The sleeves hung off her shoulders and her bronzed skin glowed. A bundle of auburn curls sat on her head; the rest hung loose down her back.


She wrung her hands and her gaze darted around the room. Derac's chest filled with sympathy but he could not take his eyes off her. A voice in his head told him to look away, but he just couldn't.

"Captain, what are you staring at?" Tyn clapped him on the shoulder.


"Ahh yes, she looks great, doesn't she? Aeli did a great job."


Tyn chuckled. "Someone should get her out of that corner, though."

"Is that a hint I should be that someone?" Derac couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Tyn chuckled. "I was merely making a comment."

"Right. I'll go order her to join the party."

Tyn chuckled again as Derac strolled towards the angelic elf in the corner.

"Kie, you should get out of that corner," he said.

"I'd rather not, Captain."

"It is not good for a member of the Elite to be standing alone. You must mingle with the others."

Her brown eyes filled with panic as she glanced around the room.

Derac decided to try a different approach. He held out his arm to her. "Stay by my side. It'll be all right," he whispered.

Her gaze stilled on him and her lips parted. The sudden urge to kiss her filled him and he held his lips between his teeth.

"I ... you ..."

"It is perfectly fine for me as your Captain to escort you around a ball, as you do not have a male to do so." Just admit you want her on your arm, Derac. He bit the inside of his cheek to prevent himself from saying something he’d regret.

"All...all right."

She hooked her arm around his and allowed him to lead her from the corner. A smile crossed his face. As they made their way around the room, he noticed other males stopped to stare at her. He lifted his chin, proud she clung to his side.

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  1. Nice!!! This was a fun read. Thanks.