Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Clearing the Resolution on My Resolutions

This week, we are giving updates for the resolutions we set for 2011.

So, let the games begin:

A)    To be physically published, not just in e-book form on Smashwords. As of now, Hunters is being prepped for an August release date through Red Hot Publishing (provided I don’t drive the editors to drink).

B)    To find regular employment (no-brainer there) Still a no-go in that department, but I have had some interviews. So, I’ll hang in there and get as much writing done as I can before life intrudes again.

C) Be more sociable and not live vicariously through others. Since I have now added Free Fantastical Fiction and Digital Digest to my plate, this resolution is shot to hell.

An "Odd Life" with Jennifer Garner
D) Get into more movies in meatier roles. Well, I did, sort of. I played a homeless man and, later, a food server behind Keke Palmer in Joyful Noise with Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton. I was a news reporter (for a change) in Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion. I played a detective and got to see Minnie Driver in a killer mini red dress and red stilettos in Hail Mary and, finally, I played seven different background roles in The Odd Life of Timothy Green with Jennifer Garner and director Peter Hedges for Disney.

E) Actually read the blogs of all my fellow writers and not skip over the ones written by people who think two initials substitute for first names. Everyone thinks I’m reading their stuff, so I must be.

F) Be even more sociable than before. Just realized that this is the same as C, so I'll change it to a diet resolution. I have dropped from 254 down to 224. In all fairness, 20 of those pounds came when I got the initial edits back on Hunters from C.J.'s editors.

G) Stop letting myself get so riled up by the comments on Yahoo! News. I’m pretty sure the next president will not unite the country because I do not want to be near any of these pinheaded, extremist, racist, one-dimensional, inbred, moronic pricks (pardon my English). Bad luck with this one. I still get pissed off.

H) Change the pictures in my profiles for Examiner.com, FaceBook, MySpace and Wicked Writers. For some reason, certain people think I look like I’m about to either kick someone’s ass or complete a contract hit. Okay, I actually did put up a new picture. Why I look happier when I was at a funeral is beyond me.

You can check back in December to see my further progress, but I’m thinking I’ll still be the same cynical, sarcastic jackwagon. But, I’ll be just as funny.

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  1. Good job on the weight loss, Greg! And of course, getting your book accepted by a small publisher ;-) Good luck with the job hunting, I know how frustrating it's got to be.