Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reassing New Year's Resoluations

You know what? I think we need to re-think 'New Year's Resolutions.' Why wait to change things yearly? Why not daily?

I'm not being 'cute', seriously--if there are things in your life that need changing why not just evaluate them and see what you can do about them now? Maybe there are two more things you'd like to add onto your resolution list.

I don't make a lot of resolutions. I make a few at most. Last year I just wanted to finish my book and stop smoking and I accomplished both of those things.

This year I'd like to lose some weight and get my sequel done. I also would love to 'encourage' my husband to stop smoking. Yes, the campaign has begun and he knows it! I go nicely, nicely first!

I think the single most important thing I have found about making any sort of resolution or promise to myself is to have realistic expectations. That said, I think we should all reach for whatever goal we have in mind. I think people can push themselves to achieve things they might not feel were within their reach. 

But as for a set of resolutions, sometimes the very idea of change can be paralyzing. Very often if that is the case we don't achieve what we intended.

Resolve and determination should work hand in hand. 'Should' being the key word.


  1. Carol, congratz on giving up smoking! And I agree, resolutions shouldn't only happen at the beginning of the year. Since I accomplished my main goal for the year already, I find myself needing to make more or I get lazy or I go around in circles not knowing what to do next, lol.

  2. thanks!
    Yes, i'm so glad I did give it up. i just did one day in the car on a long trip!
    you're right really we need regimentation, direction. i didn't look at it that way.
    goals are good.
    if we (I) look at it as goals to really strive to achieve it will keep me focused.

    totally right, J.D. thanks. now about that diet of mine... (wink)!