Monday, April 11, 2011

The Cave: Where I Get My Writing Done

Hello readers and fellow Wicked Writers.

I apologize for my absences, I've been enjoying the A to Z Challenge over on my personal writing blog as well as feeling the joys of editing for a piece that is actually going to be published. :-)

Anyway, I'm back in the Wicked saddle with this week's topic: Best and worst places to write.

Well, I can only speak for myself on this one. I know every writer has there own personal zen spot that might drive the rest of us batty. For example, I know authors who swear up and down that music helps them write. While the right song can put me in my character's head or get me in the mood to work on my book, I cannot, under any circumstances, listen to music while I am physically writing or editing. It's just too distracting. I start singing along, then next thing you know, I'm dancing around the room in my underwear. So, no ... no music. Music bad. *Nods*

So, on that note, the best place for me to write is in my room ... which is were my computer is. Yes I have a TV in my room, but I can turn it off and KEEP it off. I can close the door and block everything else that might be going on in the house. My mom lovingly calls it "The Cave".

"I got a lot of editing to do today, Mom, so I'll be in The Cave."


The only thing in my room that sometimes distracts me are my dogs who bark when they need to be let outside. Oh, of course there is the internet that is always a tempting distraction, but I can resist when I really need to buckle down and crunch.

I've never tried writing at a cafe before, either by myself or with a group. Many a author have sworn to me that writing at a cafe is bliss. While I LOVE coffee, I just cannot picture myself writing at a cafe. I imagine it would be like when I was a teenager and hand a "study" group at the library or at a friend's house -- yeah, it was fun, but never really got an studying done!

But I would like to try it sometime, just to mix things up a bit. I don't think it would be then worst place to write.

For me the worst place (or time) to write has always been while watching television. My brain turns off while I watch T.V. It's an automatic reaction or something.

I'm sure there are worse places to write though. Like out side in the rain ... your paper would get soggy and the ink would run. That would be a bad predicament.

Readers, where's your best and worst places for writing?


  1. I can't write with my music on because I always end up singing along!
    I usually need quiet (after kids go to bed or at school) to write. And writing at a cafe works because there are no phone calls or distractions from home!

  2. Worst place to write: Hmmm. I haven't actually found one yet. Because if I have my laptop and headphones, I can write anywhere.

    At my house, one of my favorite places to write is out on the patio--and yes, with my headphones on (LOL.) When I'm doing edits on something, sitting at my desk at home is the best place for me. :)

  3. I have so many distractions when I write, I think I'd freak out a psychiatrist -- music, TV, books, etc.

    But, your blog got me thinking, J.D. Maybe I should have a private place to write.

  4. I'm with Lynn. I can write anywhere. I invested in a really good pair of Dr. Dre's (back when I had money) and those are pretty much noise canceling if I don't want music.

    I have 28 days of music on my computer. I have more music than my 4 kiss combined!

    Cafes work because I like to watch people. As long as the coffee is decent. Sometimes I get dropped off to Chevy's when I want a strawberry margarita or two or three. There are those types of scenes I like to write when I'm a little tipsy, I admit.

    Instrumental music on random play does the trick for me. But I have my favorites when I do sex scenes.

  5. Kelly - Do you dance too? When no one's looking, of course. ;)

    Lynnrush - I guess I haven't really found one either. Seriously, as long as I don't try to watch T.V. or listen music, I'm okay.

    Greg - Yeah, that would freak ME out. :D

    Sharon - I am tempted to give cafe's a try, like I said in my post. The only reason I haven't yet is because I don't live near any so it's not always worth the trouble of driving out. I think someday when I can't stand being cooped up in the house anymore, I'll try it.