Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

This week's topic asks us what our best and worst places to write are. For me, I don't have a best or a worst. I can write anywhere.

I enjoy writing on the couch on our backporch while my son runs free in the back yard.

I love writing late hours at night hunched over my keyboard while everyone sleeps.

It's great to write in the living room with a great movie on the tele.

I love writing while I relax in a hot bubble bath.

It's fun to write in a crowded coffee shop or in a park where I can people watch at the same time.

Loud, quiet, crowded, empty, outside, inside, computer or pen and paper - doesn't matter to me. I might pick a particular place depending on my mood or the scene I'm trying to write, but that's on a rare occasion when I'm really struggling with something. Otherwise, I just sit down and let the words flow from my fingers!

This post is a little short for me. I'm normally so long winded it seems, but I am itching to finish this scene in my current WIP Cleanse Fire. Then it's off to the crit partners, then ready for submissions!

What about you guys? Any places you like to write more than others? How about reading? I love reading curled up with a blanket on the couch, but I enjoy reading outside too.


  1. Hey, Stranger! How are you guys doing? Everything back to normal yet, or are you still dealing with nagging injuries? I was taken aback by the news that you had been involved in an accident. Fingers crossed that everyone is well.
    You sound way more disciplined than I when in comes to being able to write. I don't need total quiet and seclusion, but I do need to be able to step away into another room, or perhaps to don some earphones or something. More of that on Friday's post...
    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello.
    Take care.

  2. My favorite place to read is also curled up on the couch or while taking a bubble bath, but really I can read anywhere ... unlike writing.

  3. James: We are doing okay. Still a little achy sometimes but it's getting better. Oh and I don't think discipline has anything to do with it. I just have this uncanny ability to shut everything out and literally dive into the world I'm writing about. I'm like a kid lost in the clouds (aka my imagination). I can't help it! Sometimes the imaginary is SO much better than reality.

    J.D. Oh yea, bubble baths are great by themselves but reading a good book on top of that? Awesome. I can read pretty much anywhere too. But I have my fav places for sure. :)

  4. Bubble baths for me too. All my books have "wavvy bottoms" and I now put my Kindle in a baggie!! They replaced one battery for a small fee, but doubt they'll be so nice again.

    But then, I'm the one with two cell phones at the bottom of my koi pond.

  5. Sharon, that's hilarious! My books don't have "wavvy bottoms". I hold the book in one hand and balance the spine on the edge of the tub to keep it safe from the water. :)

  6. Yup, that's me too, until I fall asleep. And I do that alot! Mostly because baths relax me so much, and not due to the quality of reading material...I once slept half the night in one, with the warm water softly dribbling, lulling me to perfect sleep...