Monday, June 7, 2010

Just One Taste

I had hoped I'd be announcing the winners to our latest contest, but unfortunately we didn't get any entries. We're not taking it personally, because some of us would rather read than write and others would rather work on current projects than do a flash fiction piece. That's just life.

Here is the winning entry I submitted over a year ago to a flash-fiction horror contest with the writing prompt: Vampire. Some of you may have read it already, but others have not and I hope you enjoy it! Let's keep in mind I was writing for only six weeks when I wrote it, so don't expect any fireworks!

Just One Taste

She watched him from across the basement studio. His sleek young body, finely muscled and honed to perfection. Vivian longed to break the supple skin at his neck and sup sweetly of his life. The urges came more strongly now, ones she thought long buried and dead. The ones that told her to hunt and claim; to take her fill and damn the consequences.

To take another mate would open her up to the hurt and pain of their eventual loss, because in the end they all died. The memories crowded her mind as she stared with hunger at the flexible body positioned in advanced yoga poses. His dark good looks and powerful form reminded her of her first lost love.

The blood and screams from the death of Ian, killed by her maker because he had to have her, still haunted her after almost four centuries. Killed when he stood up to the unknown madness that had cornered them in their village, torn limb from limb and scattered like a broken doll, Ian's life was crushed before her horrified eyes.

Eyes that now gazed upon such sheer physical perfection that every cell in her body screamed for her to take him and mark him as her own. Is this the madness that overcame her maker that night? Or was it his spoiled perverted need to take and kill that later justified his taking of her happiness and innocence? Could she hold back the same urges with better luck?

Her canines elongated and she kept her mouth closed so the humans couldn't see. She smelled him over the others in the room, the fragrance teasing and tormenting all at once. The bouquet of his blood reminded her of home, of the dreams lost and the love that died there. Sweet, young, strong and red. It called to her, beckoned her closer; lulled her to trust.

Vivian moved down the crowded studio to stand near the object of her desire. She slid in to place next to him and contorted her body to match his. The peace he radiated outward lured her like a drug. To have him as her own meant she could have that feeling everyday. No, he deserves a better life then the one I can offer.

One taste, that's all she wanted. To break his skin with a gentle nick, to drink from him in deep pulls, and to hold him close while he shivered in the joy her bite would bring. In the end, it was his innocence and happiness that saved him. The longing inside screamed in frustration as the vampire chose to take the morally high road. He is fifteen! I will not do it!

After one last pose, one long look, one last deep breath of his scent, Vivian turned to leave the basement. She knew she could not stop with just one taste.


  1. Oh CJ, I do like this!! Your prose is different from alot of flash with short sentences -- it's a bit more complex, but not uneasy to read. Very good!

  2. Very kind of you, Nicole - thank you!

  3. Robert C. NelsonJune 11, 2010 at 5:30 PM

    Only six weeks? This is amazing! You have such a future ahead of you: and it is all good.

  4. Thanks, Robert! It was the first thing I had written in third person past tense. And now that I think about it, I've still only written the two flash fiction pieces that way.

    Hope you decide to guest blog with us in the future, it would be great to read one of your takes on our various topics!

  5. Robert C. NelsonJune 12, 2010 at 5:45 AM

    I am looking forward to doing a guest blog with you in the future. There is so much new in the publishing industry right now: I believe that talented authors are in the driver's seats. As David said in his wonderful post, Smashwords is certainly a great new avenue, although it's not the only one, but your baby had best be good. A great author still has to perfect her craft.